le jour d’amour

Happy Valentines Day! However you choose to celebrate, or not, hope that you are able to indulge in some delights of the season today.  No major updates here aside from the fact that Yogurt making on Saturday turned out to be a success!  That makes 2 out of 4, so my numbers are going up.  The principles of making yogurt are actually quite simple (heat some milk, let it cool, add a couple spoonfuls of yogurt and wait).

The waiting part is what has thwarted me in previous yogurt-making attempts.  You are supposed to try and hold the temperature steady in the mixture for about 6 hours.  I have tried both using a crock-pot for this and oven.  Everyone has got to find their own method of doing things, but for me the oven has been very successful (2 out of 2!) and crock-pot has been an epic failure (0 for 2).  I’ve tried both ends of the spectrum with the crock-pot as well- once with my yogurt becoming a scorched solid mass and the second, it just remained milk.

Onwards and upwards- it’ll be the oven for me in the future.  And for the present I’ll enjoy the creamy whole-milk goodness from the cows down the road!  Maybe I’ll even throw in a few strawberries for some V-day indulgence!


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