tool mama

Had an idea brewing over the winter.  Have kept gardens for a few years on and off but last year I became pretty enthusiastic and quadrupled the size of my garden.  (Keep in mind that’s not saying much- the plot was pretty tiny before)  In any case, I made my garden area bigger and dug a higher fence for it (we had a woodchuck living underneath the shed) so I was pretty pleased with myself.

As I said, I’ve garden here and there, off and on, so I had some great success with some veggies (beans, radishes, cucumbers, summer squash) and not so much with others (onions, pumpkins, broccoli).  From reading around, it looked like some of the plants I had less luck with required a longer growing season (I was a LATE starter and didn’t even get my seeds into the ground until June- yikes!).

Anyways, long story short I came across this article (  over the winter and was instantly inspired. I immediately decided this was what I would do for the garden this year- start some of the slower growing seeds indoors (much) earlier in the season.  Plus, I just bought a new house so it would make a great multipurpose bookshelf in the off-season.

When I went to actually begin construction, I realized there wasn’t really much in the way of instructions in this article…  So I came up with my own… wish some help from my dad.  Here are some pictures at different phases of building process.  Hey this total novice wood worker is pretty proud!!  Next project, to build a chicken tractor… (slightly more intimidating!)


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