birds and the bees

Well it’s been quite a month so far!  My mother is finally home and recovering well, I’ve had the opportunity to catch up and hang with my close local girlfriends (and even a non-local friend who dropped into town for a quick dinner), had some home maintenance repairs to attend to and lots of general preparing for exciting upcoming events.

That’s right folks… it’s the year of the birds and the bees!  Bee school has been going well and keeping me bus(zz)y (yup… a it of bee humor!) each week .  I’ve been learning so much and in my spare time have been working to build and paint my hive.  My little winged beauties are scheduled to arrive at the end of April, so I am very much looking forward to (and ever so slightly nervous for) their arrival.

In addition to the bees, my lovely boyfriend bought me a backyard chicken workshop at Cold Antler Farm for Christmas.  So I am looking forward to making the trek over to CAF again soon, and coming home with the first members of my future flock!  I’ve been reading up on chickens and chicken tractor plans to build (the next project!), but at the moment have been focusing on setting up a brooder for them to be nice and comfy.  So that’s all for now.  Lot’s of exciting changes that will be coming up in the next couple months so stay tuned!


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