digging in the dirt

It was the first weekend in probably a month that I was able to spend at my parent’s house so figured since the weather has been so nice, I’d get to work on their garden a little bit.  I have great plans of gardens I plan to build at my new house but seeing as there is already so much going on this spring, realistically I know that I definitely won’t have beds ready for spring crops.  I’m hopefully shooting for summer!

Didn’t get to too much, just a bit of cleaning up old beds (have some garlic and onions that I left over from last year I figure I would leave and see if anything happened – ie bulbs forming).  LJ and I had planted some lettuce and spinach there in the fall (trying to see if we could grow cool weather vegetables) but nothing came in and I just left the garden to do it’s thing over the winter.  So imagine my surprise to see that one lettuce and three spinach plants made it through the winter and are actually growing.  (We did have an EXTREMELY mild winter though so that could be the exception).

So I just cleaned up those growing plants, threw in some compost from my heap I began last year (not completely decomposed, but hopefully it will help!), and planted a few news seeds- some peas, lettuce, carrots and radishes.  So we’ll see how it grows! Also still no sign of any asparagus spears shooting up this year…. I still have hope as the fonds came up pretty well last year!


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