kitchen DIY




Being a new homeowner, there’s a whole list of fun projects floating around in my head that I’d eventually like to tackle.  And of course, then there is reality, where you actually need to finance said projects and attempt to rank these many ideas in order of importance and the free time that you have to work on them.  Now that spring is here, I’m ready to dig in (figuratively and literally) on some of the things I’ve been hoping to get done.  Up until now, I’ve only done a few maintenance fixes that needed to be taken care of- minor septic repair, replacing some rotting wood on the exterior and some clearing up of leftover materials around the shed.

Last weekend, my (very handy with home repair jobs!) friend Betsy came up with my to teach me how to tile my kitchen backsplash (as it was bare).  It turned out to be a VERY long couple days of working flat out with a couple of hiccups (couldn’t fnd enough sheets of the same tile at home depot so had to mix and matched patterns and ‘create’ our own design, backboard wasn’t plywood like we had originally thought, and tiles ended up being different thicknesses so we had to grout everything by hand mostly).  Betsy was SUCH a great sport (particularly being nearly 5 months pregnant!) and we got it done in the end.  Just barely.  These things always take longer than you’d think, don’t they?  Anyways, I’m very please with the outcome (see picture) and so far it has stayed up on the wall- so that’s always a good sign!

Aside from that, am nearly finished building my beehive!!  All the chambers are made and the painting is done.  I’ve finished all my framed for the supers, but still have 20 frames to complete for the broad chambers… piece by piece it’s getting there.  Next week will actually be my last session of bee school so that’s exciting and slightly terrifying all at the same time.  Am I really coming home with 3,000 bees in a few weeks?! (Mostly exciting!)

AND, as if that weren’t all exciting enough, this is the weekend of the chickens!  So I suppose when it rains, it pours.  But I am so excited to finally be diving into all of these projects that I have thought about for so long.  I can’t wait to meet the members of my first flock and I hope that I’ll be able to keep them alive and happy!  I head back over to Cold Antler Farm on Saturday to learn all about chickens and meet my new girls!


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