they’re here!!! they’re here!!!


3 thoughts on “they’re here!!! they’re here!!!

  1. How are your chicks doing? I just had to buy a new waterer for ours because they were perching on top of the quart jars and messing up their water. They’re getting so big! Hope you’re enjoying your chickens as much as we’re enjoying ours. 🙂

    • Hey Elizabeth, I actually had to travel last week (knew before we got the birds that I would be away for a few days last week and my parents kindly volunteered for bird duty for the couple days) and holy cow- they are like completely different birds! I can’t believe how quickly they have grown and how many feathers they have! The Golden Wyandotte is the littlest but boldest- every time I come over there she eyes me and then flies to perch on top of the brooder. Have found her a couple times on top of the waterer as well. Haha. How’s your flock doing? 🙂

      • My biggest problem is trying to tell them apart within their breeds! The three RI Reds have very slightly different beaks, and the two Brahmas are quite different. But the Wyandottes are so snooty and flighty that I can’t get to know them. They’ll barely let me pick them up, and they are FAST. Since they have the whole run of the bathtub at this point, it’s like trying to catch a squawking speeding marble or something. I have pictures and such about them on my blog… stop by!

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