My bee package has arrived!! Let the honey production begin! I picked up my bee package yesterday afternoon, which I must admit was FAR quieter than I expected. They were fairly silent in fact. With 3,000 bees I guess I was expecting some sort of pulse-raising humming going on. But it was cooler than it has been, and windy, and I think all the bees (including the 20 or so on the outside of the package for some reason) were all clinging together in a massive ball for dear life.

Well so began the rest of my action packed weekend. After picking up my bees, I drove the 2 hours up to my house (with the windows open the whole way I might add… didn’t want any of those bees on the outside to get too comfortable and start flying around my head while I was driving on the highway. Met my dad at my house and we got to work installing the electric fence netting that I had ordered from here ( and got the hive prepared and set up. Sunday was the big install, which wasn’t nearly as frightening as I thought it might be. The bees were relatively calm and didn’t seem to mind me pouring them into their new hive. As extra bear protections, I also strapped down the hive so let’s hope Yogi keeps away!


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