unannounced visitor

So the girls have been doing very well! I’ve gradually been keeping them outside during the day and last night they had their first night outdoors (well, in their henhouse that is) and were doing splendidly when I checked in on them this morning. I lowered down their floor to give them access to their run, and ran inside myself to get ready for work. I glanced out the window at one point to see if they had made it down okay (some days they make it down quickly, and others not so much. They still haven’t worked out how to go back up to their ‘house’ at night. They’ll get there though) and I saw a little movement in the corner so figured they’d made it down no problem.

Just before leaving for work, I went out back to look at them. And found no chickens below… and at the same instant saw a chipmunk dart away. Upon further investigation all 3 girls were huddling together in the nesting box (no doubt hiding from the intruder) and the chipmunk has slipped under the wood at an uneven spot in the ground and had gone to town on their food (can you blame him though? I should have thought of that before). So I gave my ladies (still hoping!) a little help down into the run and they were off and enjoying themselves after that. I think it’s time to move the chicken tractor to a some more level ground…


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