Someone recently told me that you could judge how harsh a winter would be by the number of acorns that fall to the ground at the end of the summer.  I’m not sure how accurate or true this is, but I love this little theory.  It’s almost like nature is preparing all these little critters who store and feast on these acorns food enough to survive the long, cold winter.

I find this theory more interesting still as I had read in the Boston Globe last year about the lack of acorns fallen to the ground that year and thought that the rodents might not have enough to eat to make it through the cold months (thereby affecting the populations that feed on them, etc etc).  After that article, we then ended up having one of the mildest winters on record in the Northeast…

Well one month ago walking down this road near my home was like being attacked with acorns by the trees (a bit like the trees throwing apples from the wizard of oz) and now nothing.  They’ve all but disappeared so the little guys living around here must have been pretty busy.  I wonder what this says about the winter ahead…


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