winter’s a-buzzz….


It’s the middle of winter… which naturally gets me thinking about spring! Seed orders, chick orders and bee orders- oh my! With beekeeping to become more active within the next couple months (and multiple message from members in my bee club finding their hives dead as doornails this week..), I’ve been thinking a lot about my bees lately.  And I’ve been suspecting my ladies might not have survived the winter this far.  These past few days as temps have warmed, I’ve been walking over to my hive to see if there’s anything happening but have noticed no activity.

Since the temps were over 40 today (!! highest for a while I’d say..) up here in New Hampshire, I decided to pay my ladies a cordial visit (still too early to let myself in, just drop by to see if anything is going on).  I went into the bee yard and knocked a few times on the hive and listened closely…. Nothing.  Then I notice a dead bee on the ground in the snow in front of the hive.  Then another…  and another.  They were everywhere once I began to see them. It was beginning to get heartbreaking when all of a sudden I thought I heard a bee.  I went back over to the hive and sure enough there was a dull noise to be heard inside. Survivors!!  I’m not sure how many, or what state they are in but some bees are still living so that was encouraging.  When the sun finally peaked it’s head out, I even saw one bee flying out carrying a dead bee (bring out your dead…).

In honor of my happy news, had a lunch of fresh baked bread smothered in honey. Some day in the not too distant future (I hope!) I’ll be using my own honey!

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