Life is full of lessons learned- some good and some not so good.  Some lessons help you to move forward, change direction or stop you in your tracks and re-evaluate why you are doing something.  One lesson I’ve learned about myself is that I’m pretty crap with this blogging business – inconsistent with my writing (hello random post a year ago!), terrified of a blank page and generally not sure why I’m doing this in the first place.

Looking back as to why I created this website, I wanted to document all the fun events and changes that are happening at this point in life for personal reasons.  Lord knows I’m not organized enough to keep a written diary (after dozens of abandoned attempts!).  And although I have not followed through with writing about all the changes that have taken place these last couple years, the changes they are a-happening!  I’ve really enjoyed looking back over the meager entries I’ve written in the past and realized how much has changed since then.  So I’m freshly inspired to really dedicate more of an effort to this online journal.

There have been several new additions to the homestead over the years that I haven’t written about – new chickens, new hive a bees, a husband, our dog Rosey and most recently (as in yesterday!!) an adopted rooster.  Since the intention of this space is to chronicle our day-to-day adventures (and no one aside from my husband knows of the website’s existence- Hi Joe!), I think over the next few posts I’ll provide some introductions of the critters and places of the NOBO homestead.  After all, where have my manners been?

In the meantime, enjoy a photo of our stunning new rooster Pru (or Bradley Cooper as he’s more affectionately called).  This is our first time with a rooster so it is sure to be an adventure indeed!