A New Gardening Season Begins

Yes, we are still underneath about 4 feet of snow with sub zero temperatures outside and trying to keep positive thoughts that the part of our roof we weren’t able to clear remains strong and steady under the massive pile of snow and ice that has accumulated.  And yes, we did spend a good portion of last week with hair dryers to pipes trying to thaw out our frozen heating pipes.  But it’s nearly March, and since the temperatures are still too cold to tap our maple trees, I’m celebrating the upcoming thaw (I hope!) by planting our first seeds indoors for the garden this year- some onions, leeks and celery.  My little seeds of hope that this frigid weather will come to a close at some point!

While I haven’t done the best job at keeping notes on the garden in the past, I’m really going to make an effort to use this space to keep track of our progress with projects as we attempt to grow our gardens and edible landscape around the house this year.  We did pretty well last year even though we are still expanding our growing area and my eyes are often bigger than my stomach, so to speak, so I am rarely (never) able to accomplish all I dream up in my head.  In any case, here a photo from warmer times looking at one of the first flowers to pop up in our front garden here- the hellebore.  It didn’t peak it’s head up until late April last year so I’m expecting similar timing this year. Just 2 months to go!

Hellebore - Front Garden

Hellebore – Front Garden


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