Updates from the Homestead

Long overdue updates that is!  In the two years (ahem!) since we last posted, there have been lots of changes around NOBO homestead.  My grand garden plans for 2015 fell very short because other developments popped up and took our attentions elsewhere over the summer.  Namely I spent the summer cooking this little dish which left my energy a bit zapped.


As a brief update, we did expand our chicken flock in 2015, with 9 new laying hens (8 as one turned out to be a rooster) and an experiment of 4 meat birds that went well (if a bit of an emotional learning curve).  In the late summer of 2015 a hungry bear also found our beehive when we had the electric fence turned off for mowing (rats!).  Joe bravely tried to put back the remains of the hive but it was too late in the season and too much damage for them to make it through our New England winter.  The bees also weren’t very appreciative of Joe’s heroic efforts!


Somehow he got through it and even managed to build this beautiful woodshed before the snow flew.


We did get a decent vegetable garden going in 2016 thanks to Joe who did the bulk of the work both with the garden and the chickens.  And now that our baby is more mobile, we’re hoping to both spend a lot more time out there this year. Especially as we are both really enthusiastic about gardening.  ‘Big plans’, as Joe says. We will probably add a few more new chickens to add some younger birds to our flock.  If anyone is wondering, our rescue rooster from a few years back is still going strong!  Though he is a bit temperamental with me, so Joe mostly deals with him.  The newer rooster is a lot more chilled out.  And we still are lucky enough have one of our original ladies (Bobby Sixkiller) with the flock.  In other 2016 homestead news, Joe also built this beauty for drying diapers and laundry in the sunshine out back!


And an epic garden fence, with room to grow, in order to keep the chickens/critters out of the garden (lesson learned 2015) since we let them free range all day now.


That’s most of the updates for now.  The moral of the story is that Joe has taken on a bulk of the homesteading duties while we’ve adjusted to life with the little one so hopefully I’ll make more of a contribution this year!  At the end of 2016, I dusted off my sewing machine that I had intended to learn garment making on a few years back, and was suddenly inspired to pick it up and start learning.  I’ve made a few clothes and a Christmas quilt for the little one and some gifts for friends/family.  Now onto attempting to make some grown up clothes for yours truly.  First completed attempt: Margot Pajama bottoms from the book ‘Love at First Stitch’.  I’m pretty please with how they can out and they sure are cozy. (Please ignore the messy hair and dark lighting- still getting used to this smart phone thing)  Feels good to be creative again after a bit of a break!


Well that’s all for now.  Will try to update this more as they year goes on so when we look back we can see that we actually DID accomplish more than we remember!